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Collective cattery of naked cats "Joser" suggests to

get acquainted with unique breeds of naked cats:

Canadian sphinx, Bambino and the Elf.


the mythical mysterious being surrounded with an aura

of secrets of the ancient world.

The pose, stone look stiffened, full of nobility,

- all image of the Canadian sphinx is filled

with wisdom of the millennia.

Cats of breed "the Canadian sphinx" - live heritage of ancient culture, one of the most amazing

and mysterious cat breeds.

The eye of their wise huge eyes, apparently, is turned in eternity. Even minutes of

rest these cats not movably are graceful, as if ancient statues on ladders of Luxor.

Kittens of breed "the Canadian sphinx" are curious,

playful and sociable. You will never start

missing near these restless rascals.

Playful temper, vigor and sense of humour fully

remain and with adult Canadian sphinxes

along with good-natured character and

boundless devotion.

What you did, your favourite a sphinx will be glad to be simply nearby, and if you

pay it attention, present the warm word or a tender touch, the Canadian sphinx

will be immensely happy!

The Canadian sphinx will squint from

pleasure, as if from the bright spring sun.

Warm, gentle pads of a sphinx will follow about you

everywhere, to rejoice and long together with you.

Cats of breed "the Canadian sphinx" it is very

thin feel your mood.

In the house where there lives the Canadian sphinx,

always light-and it is joyful. Because

the Canadian sphinx is created to give smiles and good mood.


one more surprising breed of naked cats with which you can also get acquainted

in our cattery.

Bambino's breed was formed as a result of

crossing of the Canadian sphinx and a manchkin.

From sphinxes these kids inherited total

absence of wool, and from manchkin short pads.

In translation from the Italian Bambino means -

"kid". This name very much suits these playful,

naive and touching kittens bambino.

Which even at adult age look childishly, with their surprisingly trustful attractive face

and amusing gait.

Despite short pads, Bambino are graceful

and mobile, move quickly and easily,

jump and play as carefree little


From the Canadian sphinx of Bambino inherited

tender character, love and attachment to people,

inquisitiveness and friendliness.

If you want to have the tender and devoted friend

please yourself with acquisition of a kitten of Bambino!


cats have a unique appearance.

Large eyes, a rounded head, a short muzzle, prominent cheekbones and huge ears

like butterfly wings make them look like elves.

The body of Devon Rex is covered with thin,

tender, soft wool with a small short wave.

Devon Rex has a keen interest in everything

around it.

Devon Rex is usually very active,

playful, striving for close contact with a person.

Their behavior

is jokingly described as something between a cat, a dog and a monkey.

"Monkey in cat costume." Devon Rex is actively playing at any age.

Cats of this breed have the traits usually inherent in dogs:

they can be taught to perform tricks, bring objects.

A characteristic feature of behavior - Devon Rex like

to climb a person on his shoulders,

sit on his neck, be closer to the face of the owner.

The Devon Rex - a symbol of love and laughter.

I hope that unusual kittens of breeds:

Canadian sphinx, Bambino and Devon Rex

won't leave you indifferent!

Kittens from cattery "Joser" - a worthy gift and magnificent decoration of your house!

Yours faithfully, Julia - Supervisor of cattery "Joser".

Cattery of naked cats of "Joser" suggests to get acquainted with unique breeds of naked cats - the Canadian sphinx, Bambino and the Devon Rex. To learn history of an origin of cats of breed the Canadian sphinx, Bambino and the Devon Rex. To receive recommendations about care of kittens of the Canadian sphinx, Bambino and the Devon Rex. To watch photos of kittens of the Canadian sphinx, kittens of breed Bambino and kittens of the Devon Rex, born in Cattery "Joser". On the site Cattery "Joser" you can visit a photo gallery of adult males and females of the Canadian sphinx, Bambino and Devon Rex. And also kittens of the Sphinx, Bambino's kittens and kittens the Devon Rex for sale. Kittens - graduates from Cattery "Joser" found the new loving owners not only in Russia, but also in other countries of Europe and America. Cattery "Joser" brings to your attention of elite kittens of breed the Canadian sphinx! And surprising kittens of breed Bambino and Devon Rex! It is possible to contact us on ph. in Moscow +7-901-5555-172, -mail: josercat @yandex.ru